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Featuring AQUA PAWSTM indoor swimming pool and underwater treadmill


Providing Optimal Physical Rehabilitation and Wellness For Your Dog

Welcome to Fitter Critters

Fitter Critters provides physical rehabilitation and indoor aquatic programs for dogs.

Reasonably priced programs are created with the intention of bringing each dog

to their highest functional and performance level.

Our Story

Fitter Critters was founded by Jody Chiquoine in 1999. Jody is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and teaches with the Canine Rehab Institute (CRI) affiliated with Colorado State Veterinary School.

What We Do

Fitter Critters was established in November 1999 to provide reasonably priced rehabilitation, conditioning, and fun & fitness programs for canine companions and education for their owners. 

Get Started

The initial appointment for evaluation takes approximately 2 hours. Prior to the appointment, a 5-page history form will be mailed to you. We ask that you take time to complete the form prior to your visit.

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"Max began his rehab journey at Fitter Critters when he was 9 years old which was now 7 years ago. He had a CCL tear on his right hind limb. We worked very hard on his therapy and he was able to avoid surgery, and recover fully. Max has worked with almost every aquatic therapist Fitter Critters has had, and everyone has loved him. Max is now 16 years old and is still coming for his weekly aquatic therapy sessions, which has kept him strong and happy. I could not say enough about the compassion and care that all of the Fitter Critters staff have shown us over the years"
- Donna T.

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