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Feel Good. Eat Right. Prevent Injury. Have Fun!


Facts to think about
Slightly underweight dogs live 2 years longer than slightly over weight dogs (in human years this is about 14 years longer).

1 pound of extra body weight increases concussion forces through the joints by 4 pounds

5 pounds of extra weight in a medium size dog is equal to 20 pounds of extra weight in a human

2 pounds of extra weight in a 10lb dog is equal to carrying 30 extra pounds in a 140lb person

Losing even small amounts of weight in a dog and/or exchanging fat for muscle dramatically improves function and overall fitness

Water has 15x the resistance of air. Walking on the Underwater Treadmill and swimming uses twice as many calories, builds lean leg muscle faster and burns belly fat more quickly than walking on land. It is an  excellent way to have fun, speed weight loss, improve overall fitness and reduce the concussion to joints.


Program Features
Baseline measurements
Weekly weight on digital scale and weight chart
Free, easy & healthy recipes
30 minutes of water aerobics on the underwater treadmill
Counseling to discuss low calorie food preferences
Regular communication with your dog’s veterinarian by our certified staff
Individualized assessment, with home exercises, to reduce injury risk factors


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